Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Experiment Blog

This blog is an experiment, or rather part of an experiment. I have just began to consider, and record, vlogs. Vlogs are video blogs simply put.

Originally I thought a few vlogs(videos) would make it easier for me to add content to my existing blogs. Most esp. Invisible Me where I blog from the perspective of a disabled person who has what are termed 'invisible illnesses/disabilities'. Due to my health problems typing/writing blog posts became very difficutl, sometimes impossible due to my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) which I have in both hands/wrists as well as many other joints including both elbows and now both shoulders. So as you can imagine typing up content can be impossible to do on many occasions. Not wanting to give up my blogs I began to look at alternative ways to add content to my blogs. As I had been making personal video diaries for several months I thought that maybe I could video what I want to say and embed it in the relevant blogs.

So Ms Fibro Fog's channel on YouTube was born. Although I haven't yet uploaded any videos to the channel I hope to have the time to edit/upload content once the school holidays arrive and i won't have family obligations to my nephews during school days/nights when needed until school reconvenes in August. Giving me time to get a good start to this whole vlogging thing.

Originally I was going to only talk about content that was usable on my disabled blogger's blog but I've decided that everything that interests me enough to 'vlog' about could possibly turn up on the channel.

So this blog is here for the non-disabled blogging content to put simply. I also want a central place to archive all my vlogs regardless of which blog they are created for.

So this is my vlogging blog, so it won't be used unless I am adding a video/vlog to my channel.

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