Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summertime's Here

Well at least in the view of School students. School here finished at noon today, my eldest nephew is now officially finished with Primary School as he begins High School in August when School reconvenes.

My brother heads off to France with his family to his holiday home on Saturday (30th June) and doesn't return until August 9th. All right for some I guess!!

I have been testing out my new pocket camcorder, samsung E10, and am so far pretty impressed. For someone who has several different pocket cams and have been less than impressed with around half of them I'm hard to impress but this little device is doing so.

I really have to see about getting an external portable drive for storing my video and pictures as I don't want to bog down my Mother's laptop and my old desktop isn't up to either editing or storing videos.

I hoping to finally have some videos ready to upload to my channel, fingers crossed, soon. I'm hoping the break from babysitting and school runs etc., will allow me to get some actually done. I'm thinking of doing a daily vlog when I got to my brother's house for letting out/bringing in his cats, which I have to do twice daily whenever he is away on holiday. So I'm thinking of shooting a quick video, I'll probably do this in the morning run as I don't need to get out of the car as I only feed the cats in the evenings when we bring them in, so I will have a couple of minutes each morning to vlog while my Mum opens the blinds and kicks out the cats for the day.

I'm also hoping that the extra free time will allow me to get back into practice regularly blogging, when my hands/wrists are up to typing that is, otherwise I vlog those days and simply upload/embed what I want to say.

Despite being exhausted after three whole weeks on sole childminding my nephews, as well as school runs and at least two school events I've attended in the last week, I will sincerely miss my little monsters while they are away. I'm experiencing this a whole lot more over the past year or so. Even before they head off, when it's the last I know I'll see them till they come back, I begin to miss them. Despite the stress of looking after them so frequently prior to the school holidays due to the other grandmother (who we split childminding and school runs with normally) going off to her holiday home two weeks prior to every Easter, Summer and Autumn holidays. This time it was three weeks, so longer this time around, exhausting and adds to my pain levels as well, but I wouldn't miss it for the world to be honest.

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