Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Muck up

Well after a big f**k up with Yodel my parcel was delivered around 5pm. So I now have a Samsung E10 which I am looking forward to putting through it's paces.

The Samsung E10, or memory cam as they call it, is a HD pocket camcorder (2010 release) which has a swivel lens on the same idea as the Sony Webbie and first gen. Bloggie had. Only instead of the whole top bar swivelling to swivel the lens the Samsung one looks less novelty/clunky, it's like a small ball bearing that the lens swivels around on. Looks more svelte and classy than the Sony swivel lens. More adult than teenager type I guess I'm trying to say. Like the adult swivel lens pocket camcorder instead of the teenager/young adult that the Bloggie/Webbie swivel cams seemed aimed at.

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